How are You?

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“How are you”, is the first question out of my mouth when I talk with someone these days. In the world of Covid-19, it is the natural question. The health of the world has never been in the forefront of everyone’s minds more in my lifetime. We are dealing with a pandemic that hasn’t been seen since the 1918 Spanish Flu. So, how are YOU doing?

If I answer this question for myself, it isn’t a short answer. It depends on the day, the news, the weather and my family. Everyone is experiencing situations that we never thought we would have to deal with. Not being able to buy toilet paper when you need it? Going to the grocery store and not being able to buy everything you need? Being afraid to be closer than six feet to anyone but whom you live with? Sanitizing everything, all the time? All of this to avoid being infected with a deadly virus for which there is no cure? Some days, it’s just too much to wrap my brain around. Some days I am thankful for the quiet. Some days I don’t see the point of getting out of bed. Some days I have something to look forward to-it’s sunny and warm, we are going for a drive, we are getting carryout food. I do know, that being optimistic has never been more important. I have depression and I can feel it tingling under my skin some days. Those are the days I need to be kind to myself. I need to be a patient with Kevin and Molly. I need to sit in the sun and get rays. I need to go for a walk. Other days, I will spend an hour on the phone with friends or family. Some days it’s housework (not my favorite days) and some days it’s hours of watching mindless television. Some days we play games and laugh. Some days we play games and aggravate each other. EVERYDAY, though, I wake up and know that I am blessed. We are all healthy. We have toilet paper. We are able to get the food we need. We have two dogs that bring us joy. Most importantly, we are together. This morning in my bible study (where we were able to see each other through the wonder of Zoom), one of the ladies said that God is refining us everyday during this quarantine. He is refining us to live with less, count our blessings and turn towards Him, the Giver of all we have.

One of the issues that I have had to turn inward on is politics. I know, my last blog was completely about politics. But the last two weeks have made me realize a few facts. Our country is so divided by politics that we are not focusing on what we really need right now-comfort, empathy and support. I am not a Trump fan and I am not happy with how this whole situation was handled from the start. However, continuing to be angry gets me nowhere. Anger usually stems from fear and fear actually has been shown to lower your immunity. So have I decided to limit my exposure to the things that make me angry and focus more on the blessings in my life. I am limiting my time watching the news. I am limiting my time on social media. I am enjoying being with my family and dogs. I am taking care of my own. Matthew McConaughey posted on his Instagram to please stay home and take care of your own. By doing this, you are actually taking care of your neighbors and even the whole world.

There are brave men and women who can’t stay home. Doctors, nurses, First Responders, grocery store clerks, warehouse workers, scientists working on an anti-viral, scientists working on a vaccine. Factory workers now making ventilators and masks. These are our heroes. Not the politicians worried about the next election. These are the people who need our support and prayers. And yes, I will even pray for the politicians, for them to listen to the experts and act accordingly.

How are you doing? Not a simple question with a simple answer. I pray that you all are well, safe and at home. As for me, I am putting faith in God to bring us through this pandemic with greater appreciation for our lives and our blessings.


Safe travels, (but stay home, please)



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