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Last week I “escaped” from my life. Kevin’s heart rate was stable and we weren’t getting along. (If you are retired, you understand.) My dear friends Jennifer and Scott allowed me to invite myself to their new apartment in Phoenix. They just moved to Phoenix right before the holidays and are house hunting. They really didn’t need me in their way, but they welcomed me with open arms and hearts. For five days, I didn’t have to clean, cook, do laundry or be sad with Kevin. It was heaven. Jennifer and Scott didn’t have to let me visit, but that is what good friends do for each other. I will forever be grateful for their kindness.

Kevin enjoyed my time away too. He had friends in San Diego for a conference and got to spend some quality “guy” time. By the time I came home, I wanted to come home and Kevin wanted me home too. Even Lola seemed happier. I think we just needed time away from each other to grieve Archie’s death and get ready for Kevin’s upcoming procedure today.

This week was wonderful. We had bright sunshine and we enjoyed each other’s company. All this week I had a bible verse going through my mind. I finally had to look it up. John 16:33 “I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” Now, if you aren’t a religious person, you probably think it is silly to have this verse mean so much to me. But knowing that Jesus told us that we will have trouble, but to have peace because He has overcome the world we live in, did just that. It gave me peace to not worry about today.

Today started out a mess. Kevin called to confirm the procedure time because we didn’t receive a phone call yesterday confirming the time like they said we would. At 11:00, we found out we were supposed to be in La Jolla at 11:30. We were still in our pajamas and La Jolla is at least a 45 -minute drive. We got to the hospital at noon. Then he had to wait forever to get checked-in.   Finally, they called him back, and then, things went fast. I went to the lobby, texted Molly to let her know the procedure was starting, and then I started to pray. “Please, God, let it work, please, God let it work”. Over and over I prayed. I was still praying when I heard the doctor call “Lori”! His first words were “It worked! One zap!” Such a feeling of peace overcame my whole body. The doctor talked with me for sometime and he even stopped back in to see Kevin after he was completely awake. I thank God for this doctor’s care and wisdom.

Coming home today was so joyful! Kevin has no restrictions except to limit his beer consumption. He hasn’t been able to drink for a month, so I think he can live by this. It could take six to nine months for his heart to get back to full function, but the doctor said, “go and live your life” and that is what we are going to do!

Tonight, we are going to bed with grateful hearts. We are grateful for good friends. We are grateful for each other. Most of all, we are grateful to God for a successful cardio version. It’s been a tough month. One of the toughest. But we made it. We came through the tunnel to the light. Our future is bright.

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