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Today was a tough day; I’m not going to lie. It was our first full day without Archie and I spent a good part of the day crying. It was also a day of hope and that is what I want to focus on-Hope.

Our first glimmer of hope came at Kevin’s doctor appointment with the arrhythmia specialist. While he confirmed what we already knew, he took the time to listen to us and answer our questions. He gave us hope that the medicine that Kevin is on is his best chance to get his heart out of Afib. Kevin has to take it easy the next few weeks and then the new doctor is going to try the cardioversion again. He believes that Kevin’s heart can completely recover from the Afib.

The second glimmer of hope came with all the love and support we received from friends and family today. I talked with my sweet friend Candace in Indiana who always knows the right thing to say to make me feel better. My friends Deb and Jane are taking me out for an early birthday lunch on Saturday (and a chance to get out of the house!) I love these new friends I have made in Oceanside. It’s like we have known each other for years. I talked with Molly multiple times and just hearing her voice cheered me up.

The third glimmer of hope came when the breeder of our new puppy called me back and talked about the process of adopting our new baby. Archie’s death has left a huge hole in our hearts and he can never be replaced. But we are DOG people and we need another puppy to love. Talking to her got me a little excited and a little less sad. (Just a little.)

The fourth glimmer of hope was the perfect bracelet I received in the mail from Candace. I wanted something to remember Archie by and she picked the perfect gift. I will treasure it always.

The fifth glimmer of hope was all the love and encouragement I receive on a daily basis from our wonderful Doodle friends here in California. We text multiple times a day and their love, support, encouragement and grief for Archie has meant the world to me. It is proof that God puts people in your life for a reason.

The sixth glimmer of hope is my Bible Study Fellowship lesson I did tonight. We are studying Hebrews and how Christ sacrifice is the only covenant we need. The lesson also emphasizes how you need to have faith and strength and continue to believe in Christ’s covenant during trying times. Boy, did I need to hear that!

So, today, I choose hope. The other options just don’t work for me. I thank God that I have the support system I do in my life. I thank God for letting us have Archie for eight years. I thank God for giving us hope for Kevin’s healing. I thank God for keeping me calm during this storm and guiding my path.


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  1. Dear Lori!!! Your writing is so uplifting to me!! Your family has had SO MANY low moments lately, and yet this post is so upbeat and positive, even though I KNOW you’re going to have many tough moments! I’m absolutely thrilled how much you and Kevin liked the Dr and just pray he is right about the meds helping Kevin to stay out of AFIB. I was just so alarmed when I read about Kevin’s struggles, having known that Bob B. had been having very similar struggles the past few months. Very scary for sure. Now about Archie…I’m so appreciative of you sharing all of this with us, your loyal readers😊, and please know again how very sad I am that you’ve had to go through this. The thought of the new puppy as a companion for Lola and all of you is absolutely wonderful. You ARE dog people, we are too, and we’re all a great group. Our pets ARE our family! Live and hugs to you and Kevin. So wonderful to read about your group of friends in CA!! ❤😘


    1. Thank you so much Nancy. Writing is my therapy and I am so happy you enjoy reading my thoughts. Susan just told me about Bob. We have another close friend going through it. It’s almost like an epidemic. Thank God for modern medicine-they day 20 years ago there was no treatment. Love and Hugs!


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