A Real Sh*# Show

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So, on top of having a very ill dog and waiting for our appointment Thursday with the human specialist, this has been a really shitty week. There is just no other way to put it. I know everyone wants to hear happy stories, but sometimes life just decides to let you have it all at once. I guess it’s our turn.

Our freezer compartment had been slowly dying and last evening we spent $99 to be told our refrigerator we bought with our house is 14 years old and was pronounced dead. We went up to Lowe’s at 6:00 last night and spent $2000 on a new one (one sale!) but it can’t be delivered until tomorrow. So we are currently living out of coolers. Not a big deal, I know, but wait there’s more!

Molly and I got new IPhones right before Christmas. The Verizon store gave us boxes to send the old ones back for credit. They both fit in one box and Kevin dropped them at the Postal Annex. UPS was due any minute, so they went out that day. For some reason, Kevin has been getting emails and texts saying that Verizon has never received our old phones. He called them today to find out what was going on and, guess what, they were stolen! The box weighed four pounds when it shipped out and 0 pounds when they received it! Luckily, the Verizon person was very knowledgeable and is looking into the incident further. It seems we will have put a claim into UPS and then we will be in the clear.

Our printer has stopped working with the Bluetooth; and I can’t scan Archie’s medical forms into my computer to send to the insurance company. Not a big deal, but we can’t afford a new printer right now with everything else, so our printer now resides in our living room. Not really the décor I am going for.

Finally, to top the day off, I thought it was my day to volunteer at the library. On the way there I am stopped on the highway waiting for a traffic light, when all of a sudden a panel truck pulls up next to me, on the side of the road, with two children in the front with him. Yes, he had to pull over to the side to stop so he didn’t rear end me and kill us all. I get to the library and find out that Homework Helpers doesn’t start until next week. Oh, and Kevin had a melt down at CVS, in front of the whole store, over Archie’s medicine.

We are to our boiling points. When you are facing major life changes, all the little stuff just adds to the suffering. You feel like you can’t handle anything more. So I am trying to focus on all the positives that have come out of this week.

We have received so much love and support from family and friends. All the phone calls, texts and FB and Instagram messages have meant so much to us. We feel your love and concern and it warms our hearts. We have each other to lean on and Molly has her wonderful friends to lean on. It has been sunny and warm in SoCal and it is amazing what five minutes of sun on your face can do to lift your mood.

Our sweet neighbors came over yesterday and cried with us over Archie. Then they gave us $300 to put towards Archie’s medical bills.

The refrigerator we wanted was in stock and on sale. Waiting 36 hours isn’t really that big of a deal. And we get to go to In-n-Out for dinner tonight.

I called our wonderful vet at Fishers Veterinary Hospital, Dr. Karen Collins, to see if she would consult on Archie’s case. She called back that night and talked with us for 20 minutes, even though she had a bad cold. She is truly an angel from God and I can’t recommend her highly enough if you need a vet in Indy.

My sister texted me. She never texts me. She didn’t know everything that is going on, just texted me out of the blue.

I see God everywhere. It is amazing that when you are going through tough times, is when you notice God’s presence more. I start Bible Study Fellowship tomorrow. I am so looking forward to studying God’s word in depth.

I have found joy in writing again. For months I thought I would never write again. But here I am, the words just rolling off my fingers. God is Good, All the Time.

Thank you for your love and support. Thank you for reading my humble words.

Safe travels,




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  1. Dear Lori!! I’m sitting here in my living room in Carmel, totally dumbfounded by both of your entries !! I am incredibly sad to read about Archie! 😪😪😪 Losing a pet is absolutely one of the hardest things to go through. We lost a pet 7 years ago on very short notice like you are going through with Archie. I’m just so sorry! We have 2 dogs now, too, and they are the best of friends, like Archie and Lola. I applaud you for looking into a new puppy. Lola will need that buddy and so will you all. Archie has been such a wonderful part of your family. He KNOWS how much you love him. Seeing him suffering is heartbreaking, I know.
    All of your other examples of a sh**** week are so tough to deal with, I know. I wish I could hug you in person! I’m sending all the love and hugs through this post. You and Kevin and Molly are wonderful people. I am more happy than I can tell you that you are writing again!! It is such a gift you are giving to all of us who care about you! ❤


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