My Heart is Full

Yesterday was one of those magical days that I will always remember. It started out early in the morning watching the Royal Wedding with my best friend in all things “Royal”.  It is an obsession we both share and has brought us many times of joy and friendship together.

Then, in the evening, all our favorite people gathered at our best friends’ house to wish us good-bye and safe travels in our new journey to Oceanside. Not too often is anyone blessed to have all the people they care most for gather together in one place to celebrate your love and friendship.  Then, to make it truly magical, our daughter Molly surprised us from Louisville!IMG_7287

When I was 22 years old and moved with Kevin to Hickory, we had a party at his house before we left.  It was nothing big and we really didn’t think about everything we were leaving behind.  It was more about what was ahead that mattered to us.  We really didn’t realize how much we were going to miss our friends and family until we were moved and miles away from those we loved.  Sometimes, I had homesickness so bad, I thought it would kill me!  Not surprising that we moved back to Indiana after three years!

Now, at 56 years old, I know how much I am going to miss the friends and family we leave behind.  We weren’t able to invite EVERYONE we want to say good-by to, so I guess this blog is to express my deep gratitude and love to everyone who has supported us and cared for us over the years.  Never again will I take a relationship for granted!! For some of the best friendships I have formed over the years, there was no reason for that person to be in my life, God put them in my life!  I know that now.  I look back over my life and think how things could have been different if I had made this decision differently or that decision differently.  I now realize that I made the decisions I was supposed to – not always the ones I planned on, but the ones that were planned for me.  The people who are important in my life are the same way!  Not always did I become friends with  the people I thought I would, but the people who God knew I needed!!

As we get closer to our move date, the good-byes get longer and harder.  Some will hurt more that others, but I know that I will be in their hearts as they will be in mine.  Our close friends and family, we will see again.  Some will only be phone calls and texts and some will probably be out of our lives for now.  I have to have faith that God will put new people in our lives that will form into new friendships.  The people who have known us “forever” and still love us-those will never leave us.  We are family now and always will be.  That is the difference with this move- I know who I am leaving behind and I truly cherish each relationship.  Our door is always open in Oceanside and your head will always have a pillow at our home.  Thank you, friends, for loving and caring for us. We are blessed!

Safe travels,


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