Let’s face it, when you are 22 years old, the only things you prepare for are final exams and job interviews. Everything else is spur of the moment. When Kevin asked me to go with him to North Carolina, it wasn’t some great proposal. It was a comment at a party we were attending. He said that if he took the job, he wanted me to go with him. I was “Okay, I am ready now!” The only preparations I had to do were to quit the job I hated and tell my parents and friends. The job, that was easy. My parents,, not so much. My mother’s response was, “I can’t believe you are doing this to me”! (Thanks Mom, nice to know you were concerned I was making the right decision for myself.) My dad, (who just happens to be my favorite human ever), said “You can’t stay here when you visit.” Luckily, he calmed down and let us stay with them when we visited (in separate bedrooms, of course.) My friends, well, most of them really thought I was crazy. My sister-in-law, Kellee, who was my best friend, thought I was making a huge mistake because she thought I would get hurt.


Kevin, he faced all kinds of resistance from his friends. They were all bachelors together. They were all for him going on an adventure, they just thought he should do it on his own. Basically, no one wanted us to move away together and most people thought that one or both of us would be back with our tails between our legs. Kevin also had his childhood home to sell. He is an only child and both his parents died while he was in college. I didn’t even really think about this- he hired a realtor and did the things needed to move. I just thought it would be nice to have the money when it sold. (I was VERY naïve!)


Fast forward to now. We first started talking about moving to San Diego two years ago. We were on vacation there in February and it just felt right. We had been looking for a place to retire for a few years. If you have ever spent a winter in Indiana, you understand why. I have had Seasonal Affective Disorder for several years and Kevin was starting to feel it too. The weather in the San Diego area is perfect for us-70’s all year long! No humidity! Nice breezes! And beaches-lots and lots of beaches!! We were smitten and after some research, we found some areas north of San Diego where we could afford to buy a house.


Kevin worked for a big pharma company in Indianapolis (you know-the one famous for Prozac?) After our trip, he immediately told his bosses he was interested in transferring to the San Diego facility. And he told them again, and again and again until it became obvious it was not going to happen. SO, we made the decision to move there ourselves when Kevin retired. We figured he could retire at the end of 2020. We started making plans budget wise and the updates we needed to do to our home. Remember that little thing about not needing a map???? Well, life took a BIG detour when, in October 2017, Kevin’s company announced the mother of all early retirement deals. Seriously, we couldn’t believe it!! Now was the time to move, to live our dream!! It all seemed so easy when it was just a dream-now it was reality! Holy crap! This was really happening!!


Once we made the decision to move, everything fell into place. Kevin retired at the end of 2017. I found our realtor in Oceanside on the Internet. We exchanged about a dozen emails and I knew she understood what we wanted in a house. I found a “Coming Soon” on Zillow and our realtor did all the legwork. Yes, we bought the house over the Internet, and no, we have no regrets!! We went to Oceanside the second week of March for the inspection on the house and fell in love with the area all over again. I truly felt like I was having an out of body experience. This was going to be our new life!!!


Now that we knew where we were moving to, we had to get our current home ready to sell. While I may have had no possessions when we moved to Hickory, that is not the case today. Thirty-one years of marriage, one child and three houses later, we had STUFF!! We had stuff we didn’t even remember that we had! We had stuff in every nook and cranny of our 3000 sq. ft. house!! You want to become an expert in de-cluttering?? Buy a new house before you sell your old one. That will make you an expert in no time. We sold stuff on Facebook, EBay, Next Door and Everything But the House. We gave stuff to friends. We donated to Goodwill, Salvation Army and anyone who wanted our stuff. By the time we put our house on the market, we had de-cluttered, updated, painted, weeded, cleaned, shampooed and power washed everything imaginable! We asked my hairdresser’s husband to be our realtor and he did a great job. House went on the market on a Thursday and sold by Sunday! Yeah us!! Wait, shit just got real- we really are moving!!


Now comes the hard part. Now come the good-byes. Now come the realization that people who have been such a huge part of our lives for so many years aren’t going to be just down the street. Now comes the time that the doctor who cared for us and knows us, won’t be there when we are sick. Now comes the time when the vet who has cared for our cats and dogs and cried with us when we had to put our beloved animal down, won’t be there when our dog starts acting funny and needs a doctor. Now comes the time when our daughter will be a four hour plane ride instead of a two hour car ride away (even though she is driving out with us and we don’t have to say goodbye until June 28th and then it is only until Oct 1st), we still think about how she won’t be a car ride away. I don’t think I am going to like this part of preparation. I expect that I am really going to suck at it. But, remember-NO MAP NECESSARY! Time to make my own trail and forge my own future!!! It is going to be great, right???? (I have Faith that it will!)


Safe travels,




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  1. Love, No Map Necessary!
    Good luck on the next chapter of life. I’m very jealous!
    We ❤️California. Can’t wait to

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